Best Hiking Trails in Cape Town

The capital city of South Africa, Cape Town is a timeless beauty that is located between the high mountains and gleaming turquoise waters. The province of South Africa is the legislative capital that is known for best hiking trails in cape town. The Town was established as a supply station. With a long coastline, Cape Town has some of the significant beaches of South Africa to enjoy the water games and a perfect leisure evening. With its utter charm and sophistication, the city of Cape Town never fails to amaze the travelers.

From fantastic Scenery, diverse culture to warm people and lip smacking cuisine, Cape Town is no doubt one of the famous and popular attractions in South Africa. The biggest part of what makes Cape Town city so special is its incredible awe inspiring beauty and picturesque backdrop. Cape Town offers some of the marvelous beach views and bay, magnificent landscape and mountain to witness the picturesque backdrop. With its lively aura, beautiful places and authentic food traces, Cape Town is the destination that makes South Africa worth a tour.

South Africa Tour & Travel Packages

The South Africa tour includes not only the famous attraction but a series of adventure and exciting activity. With a good number of tourist places in South Africa, you will never be left idle as you will constantly partake in seeing some of the most breathtaking natural sights and an endless number of revitalizing beaches. South Africa is blessed with so many adventure activities attracting thousands of tourists from across the globe. The city of Cape Town has rolling mountain chains, hectares of forest and vast nature reserve. Mountain, forest and nature reserve makes it one of the top hiking trails in South Africa. Hiking trails in Cape Town are gateways to unique sceneries and views over the city’s fantastic beaches, streets, the harbor, and more. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced hiker, Cape Town has hiking trails suitable for everyone. 

Here are some of the famous hiking trails in Cape Town that will definitely boost up your adrenaline rush in one go.

Lions Head

Experience the best Hiking Trails in Cape Town to make your tour memorable.
Hiking Trails in Cape Town
  • Lions Head:  Situated 699 m above sea level, Lion Head is an iconic landmark for hiking trails in Cape Town. It is one of the city’s most popular hiking trails for its magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, mountains and the city. Positioned between the table mountain and Signal Hill, hiking in Lion Heads gives you an opportunity to get a 360 view of the majestic mountains and the spectacular sight of the whole city. The hiking trail of Lion Head begins at Signal Hill Road and continues to follow a steep which is easy to track below the summit. You will need to climb to the top with the help of chains and ladders which is the best way to climb the Lions Head. The trek to the top provides incredible views of Cape Town, and will easily help in keeping you motivated. The summit of the Lions Head is a well loved spot for paragliding because of the nearby beaches as well as a popular spot for picnics and sundowners. Hike to the Lions Head can be challenging as it consists of gravel and rocky roads which allows you to explore the untouched beauty of South Africa.

Platteklip Gorge

  • The Platteklip Gorge is the second most well-known hiking trail. It attracts many hikers from across the globe. Despite its popularity, Platteklip Gorge is not an easy hike trail. But most hikers prefer to hike through this difficult path to explore the beauty of South Africa. The table mountain looming over Cape Town is a familiar sight to view while hiking up the uphill mountain. The mountain top offers magnificent views of the city in its full glory. The zigzag trail up the mountain is a popular route and continues to attract many hikers every day. Tour to South Africa can be an unforgettable experience that allows you to explore some of the best hiking trails in Cape Town. It’s a beautiful trail that requires a lot of walking and when the weather is good. You’ll encounter many other hikers, so it’s a more social hike with great people-watching possibilities. Although the route is short and steep, it takes you to the mountain where the cable car awaits. Once you reach the end of the route, you can choose to take the cable car and return back to the city that gives incredible views over Cape Town’s shoreline.

Cape Point

The Cape Point Hiking Trail is long hiking trail but you will amazed with fantastic views of the ocean.
Cape Point Hiking Trail
  • The Cape Point Nature Reserve is situated at the south-western tip of Africa in the table mountain national park.
    Cape Point is a landform that runs north-south for about 30 kilometers. It is cited as the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Cape point offers easy and enjoyable hike trail among the majestic mountains. It lends spectacular scenery of the whole city of Cape Town. There are a number of trails, from two-hour to two-day hikes with diverse scenery ranging from beaches to shipwrecks. Popular hiking trails in Cape Town include the circular Sirkelsvlei route and Cape Point to Cape of Good Hope trail. It showcases the impressive landscape and dramatic ocean. Check out the historic lighthouse at best Cape Point Nature reserve before hiking along a cliff overlooking Dias Beach. While on your hiking tour you will be lucky enough to see plenty of fynbos while you’re there, along with baboons, Cape mountain zebra, buck and even whales that too during the season. More than 250 bird species can be found here so pack your binoculars to get a closer view of the birds. The Rugged rocks, sheer cliffs, and untouched beaches make this hiking trail in Cape Town much more exciting and thrilling.

Chapman’s Peak

Hike up Chapman’s peak  and see the amazing view of Atlantic ocean.

Chapman’s peak hiking trail
  • The Chapman’s peak also known as Chappies by the locals is one of the popular hiking trails in South Africa. It garnered many tourists from across the globe. Situated about 25 km south of central Cape Town it is one of the Mother City’s most renowned landmarks. Chapman’s Peak Drive will lead you around 9 kilometres and 114 curves of spectacular scenery, taking you through from Noordhoek to Hout Bay. A hike trail to the Chapman’s peak offers the travelers with absolutely breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Hout Bay, Fish Hoek, Gordon’s Bay and a gorgeous mountain range. It is one of the lesser hiked peaks on the Table Mountain chain. But it is absolute paradise for hiking enthusiasts, affording you even better views than the road below. Chapman’s Peak is a three hour hike that includes various stops and gives you the opportunity to capture photos and boasts 360 degree vistas of the peninsula. The beautiful scenery like proteas, watsonias and other endemic flowers adds more colour to your hiking trails in Cape Town.

Crystal Pool

Crystal Pool Hiking Trail is a famous and easy hike to a series of mountain pool .

Crystal Pool Hiking Trail
  • The Crystal Pool is located within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. This hiking trail is also one of the best hiking trails in Cape Town. Just an hour’s drive from Cape Town’s Downtown, crystal pool hiking trail is very doable for anyone who is reasonably fit, and slightly challenging for those who are not. The cheery on the top for this one is that by the end of your hike, you can indulge in some swimming session at the pool that is situated close to the hiking point. The half-day hike takes you through rocky, but generally flat, terrain, and all the way at the top is a wonderful waterfall. The crystal pool hiking route is popular and relatively an easy one that offers mesmerizing sights and wonderful features. It gives the opportunity to the hikers to a series of mountain pools in a Kloof. Along your trail you will get to see short red pegs on the ground every couple of metres. When you reach them, you’ll see for yourself just how beautiful the pools really are. From the summit of the crystal Pool you will see the top-most pool and the wall of Steenbras Dam. The trek to crystal pool might be quite challenging so make sure you pack your essentials accordingly.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a flat topped mountain in cape town city of south africa.

Table Mountain
  • The Table Mountain hiking trail in South Africa is a must visit as it offers some of the spectacular views around attracting tourists from all walks of life. If you are a nature lover, Table Mountain is sure to raise your travel bug and give lifetime of memories to cherish. This place was once an island but now it houses abundant plant species which is a sight to behold. Table Mountain towers 1086 meters over Cape Town and lends an opportunity to the enthusiast travelers to stretch their legs. It is an iconic landmark that ranks in the New Seven Wonders of Nature contest. If you are in Cape Town, do not miss a chance to explore this stunning place that is sure to make your South Africa tour worth the while. Table Mountain boasts of a national park as well where you can spend your time admiring the beauty of nature. Numerous hiking trails and striking views of the city combined can make your trip to South Africa a must visit place. The hiking trails can be challenging so make sure to carry necessary things along with you to avoid any mishappenings. If you are looking for nature, adventure or solitude hiking up the Table Mountain is not to be missed.

A vacation to South Africa can be exciting and thrilling at the same time because of its endless attractions and exhilarating adventure activities. The city of Cape Town not only promises to cater the best of its nature but also a variety of hiking trails that is sure to push the adrenaline rush of every traveler. For those who are willing to take an extra bit to explore the adventurous side, Cape Town has a lot to offer.

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