10 Things to do on Garden Route South Africa

The scenic stretch of South Africa is rightly called the Garden route for its panoramic beauty. Counting on the major towns of South Africa the route starts from the Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. The entire route is jam-packed with enthralling Garden Route highlights such as the lush green terrains, the waterfalls, the forests and the tranquil beaches that make a perfect gateway to the heaven. Dotted with the magnificent attraction, the garden route offers some of the exciting activities as adventure leisure and best photogenic spots that you won’t find anywhere else in the worlds.

So what all places come under the long serene stretch of Garden Route of South Africa? Start your tour with the George, covering up the major town falling under the Garden Route as Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Mossel Bay, Oudtshoorn, Tsitsikamma and Wilderness. Now, these towns have a complete bucket list to make your visit the most enthralling excursion. The diverse ecology, wildlife and the vibrant cultural essence of South Africa come all together as the best thing to explore in the Garden Route.

So before you plan your vacation in the Garden route, check the list of the adventure activities and sightseeing you must not miss while you are exploring the picturesque region of South Africa Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

The Elephant tours at Knysna- Garden Route South Africa

During your Garden Route South Africa tour, explore the Knysna with its great population of elephants. The Knysna Elephant Park houses more than 40 elephants that are either rescued or relocated for their conservation. Choose from the elephant walk tour or the elephant picnic tour where you will not only explore their natural habitat but even interact and feed the large herd of elephants. The Elephant picnic tour will definitely be the best experience of the Garden Route. Here you can enjoy your meal amidst the picturesque backdrop.

Whale Watching at Hermanus – Garden Route South Africa

Travelling on Garden Route South Africa, don’t miss out the adventure of whale watching at Hermanus. Known to be the breeding ground and the mating place for the southern right whale, Hermanus attracts around a large number of tourist to Garden route just to spot these giant marine lives. You have the option to mark the whale from the cliff when they arrive near the shores. The boat trip takes you to the middle of the sea where you can encounter the pod. And if you are looking out for more courageous things at your Garden Route, then shark cage dive will definitely be the right thing to do.

Riding the Ostrich at Oudtshoorn – Garden Route South Africa

So what about riding those giant birds? The garden route excursion offers you the opportunity to explore the habitat of ostrich and encounter these birds closely. Oudtshoorn is popular for the Ostrich farm where you can do a lot of things apart from the ostrich ride. Oudtshoorn is even called the ostrich capital of South Africa for the wide population of ostrich dwelling there. The farms arrange special south africa safari tours for the visitors. Here you can feed the ostrich stand over their eggs and closely experience their world. Grab a bite of the delicious Ostrich burger freshly made at the farms.

Safari at the Garden Route Game Lodge

Exploring the wildlife is the most exciting thing to do at the Garden Route. With an abundance of wildlife, the Garden Route South africa Game Lodge is the ideal place to spot the endemic species of flora and fauna. With the diverse landscape as the deserts land and the forest area, mountains and coast, the game lodge makes the best safari tour at Garden Route. The majestic Langeberg mountain Range at the backdrop is the majestic view that one must not miss.

Get your option of accommodation near the Garden Route Game lodge and enjoy the planned safari tour as the morning and afternoon safari, exploring the wild beasts.

Hiking Trails at Wilderness Garden Route South Africa

In the entire Garden Route, the Wilderness is the ideal place. You can hide somewhere in the lush terrains and escape from the chaos. With the breath-taking scenery the dense forests, calm lakes, pristine mountains and tranquil coastline Wilderness beholds the beautiful hiking trails where you can walk down picking up the attraction like rivers, lakes, fens, beaches and estuaries that amplify the beauty of natural backdrop. The Kingfisher Trail is the most popular hiking trail at the Garden Route along with the routes like Half Collared Kingfisher Trail, Giant, Brown-hooded or Pied Kingfisher Trail. Managed by the SAN Parks, the hiking will definitely be the ideal activity to try at the Garden Route.

Jumping off from the highest bridge at Tsitsikamma

Caution for the phobic, don’t try out this adventure if you are not brave enough to jump off from a height of 200 meters. The highest bungee jumping awaits you for utmost adventure at Garden Route at the Bloukrans Bungy, Tsitsikamma. Recorded to be the world highest bungee jumping, the bridge is a scenic spot to fall down from a great height and witness the magnificent storm river flowing beneath. Don’t worry about safety as you will be completely secured with a full-body harness joint with your ankle. The Bloukrans River valley with the highest bridge is not just beautiful but offers an awe-inspiring sight for the best Garden Route experience.

Nature Walk at the World Heritage Site at Plettenberg Bay

The Garden Route is all known for its immense beauty and the pristine touch of nature. The Robberg Nature Reserve is the best place to explore in Garden Route with its landscape out looking the Indian Ocean. The Robberg Nature Reserve protects vulnerable species of fishes, rare blue duiker and much more. Now you can even choose to stay at the huts near the reserve area for a night. Explore the prehistoric rocks and Stone Age artefacts, hike along the coastal area, swim near the bay, spot the endemic birds and indulge your day in some of the adventures you can possibly try in Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay.

Tandem skydiving at the Mossel Bay

No doubt Garden Route is extraordinarily striking with the immense splendor of nature, but adventure comes along with its pristine beauty. Mossel Bay destination in the Garden Route is known for the coastal activities, scenic landscape and as a complete complex for shopping and food. And if you are in search of some adrenaline rush down your veins, some breathtaking activity, then Mossel bay comes as the best place to visit in Garden Route. Dive in the sky, floating along with the clouds and witnessing the coast, beaches, the mountains and whales diving in the oceans. The Tandem skydiving, as falling free from the sky height can be surly the thrill to try at Garden route.

Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Ready to dip your toes in the Atlantic waters and stare at the Apex predators from a closer view? Well, Gansbaai in South Africa is the hub of great white shark cage diving. You can view these majestic creatures and explore their natural habitat. Get close to the surface of the water in a cage and see these giant predators surfing around in the water. Feel the adrenaline while these predators pass you through without any fear. The experienced crew will share their knowledge about the water world and gives you an insight into the activity. Nothing can be exhilarating than coming face to face with this fearless predator and Gansbaai. It is the best place in South Africa that will fulfill your dreams.

Splash in the beaches at George

The George in Garden Route has some of the beautiful beaches to start your tour with leisure. The beaches boast the white sand, the rocks craved beautifully with the water force, the gleaming sunlight and the bays to escape from the crowd. You can float, swim and feel the cold and crystalline waves over your skin drowning in the calm aura of the beach at this beautiful town of Garden Route.

Head towards the Victoria Bay to indulge your time in surfing, spotting the pods of dolphin. You should try the best of seafood and other cuisines from the cafes positioned near the bay.

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