10 of Johannesburg’s Best Bars

When everyone is busy with the city tours and the attraction, the Africa Incoming have something special for the guests. It’s the nightlife and amazing bars welcoming everyone to chill and enjoy the happening life of South Africa. Ending up the tiring trip around Jozi and spending the night at the cosiest spot will surely add up entertainment to your vacation.

From sipping the cocktail to munching up the lip-smacking snacks and tempting cuisine, the bars have a lot to make your evening the most entertaining evening of the tour. While the city is known for the cultural villages and the historical sites, the night clubs and bar can’t be ignored for once. So this time when you are looking out for a South Africa holiday packages, don’t miss out these Johannesburg Best Bars has for you.

Sir James Van Der Merwe | Best Johannesburg Bar

Sir James Van Der Merwe | Johannesburg Best Bar

Starting with the Sir James Van Der Merwe, this is one of the most quirky bars that flaunt the eclectic décor and the spacious interior. The artefacts and the pictures with old tennis rackets, the candelabras and the park themed benches, the leather stool and lounges, everything about the bar is so attracting and classic that it makes the best place for the young travellers. The bar hides the exotic taste of cocktails and the trinkets, billiard for the group of friends and the local flair ideal for hosting a get-together.

Crafter’s Rooftop Bar

Crafter’s Rooftop Bar

For a romantic and cosy evening, the Crafter’s Bar is one of the best options that can be included in the South Africa honeymoon packages.  The rooftop setting and the warm decoration makes it perfect for a calm evening. There are exhibitions and galleries exhibited there for the guest where they can admire the artwork of Jozi’s artist. The booze served here is too delighted to make your evening perfect for the vacation. And if you are in a mood to celebrate your birthday or anniversary, Crafter’s Bar is the best place you can find.

Jo’Anna Melt Bar

Jo’Anna Melt Bar

With an authentic feel and the stylish interior, the Jo’Anna Melt Bar is a well known bar in Johannesburg. What makes it too special for the visitors is the parquet bar serving the best of drinks and wines and the great music. With the uber stylish lounge setting and the appetizing food, the snacks, the sophisticated sitting area and the friendly vibes Jo’Anna Melt Bar can be your space for a relaxing evening. Don’t miss out the craft beer and the local cuisine.

Sandton Sun San Deck

Sandton Sun San Deck BAR

From sipping the most exotic cocktail with the tempting food and the rhythmic beats, the San Deck bar and restaurant is best to soak the charm of the city. Ending up the day for your South Africa holiday package with the best attraction and activities, spending the evening relaxing at San Deck will be too comforting to miss. Admire the beauty of the sunset and discover the crimson tone of the city while you enjoy the authentic local cuisine and the seasonal snacks. Drinks here are no exception with the vast variety and the freshness of the taste of African wines.

The Landmark

One of the most elegantly designed bars in Johannesburg, the Landmark is an ideal place to spend your evening after the city excursion. Everything about the bar is so attractive that it welcomes a large number of visitor’s every day. Starting with the interior, the Landmark has drawn its inspiration from the famous landmarks of the city as the Public Library and more. The menu here includes the most exotic drink and food with the variety of cocktails you won’t find elsewhere. The wine list here is filled with a wide variety of Africa wines you are willing to taste.

Lenin’s Vodka Bar

Lenin’s Vodka Bar

All the vodka lovers out there, the Lenin’s Vodka bar is the best place where you can try the 40 varieties of vodka. The interior flaunts a cosy look with the courtyard setting making it a hub for travellers and local visitors. Not just the ambience and the drinks, the food menu they serve includes everything from the starter to the main course and the authentic South African dish. Bringing the best snacks you can try potato fries, flatbreads, steak sandwiches and the best of a cocktail as Moscow Mule and White Russian.


Kitcheners best johannesburg bars

Looking out for a unique and vintage bar and restaurant for your South Africa honeymoon package, the Kitcheners can be an ideal choice. Its old school settings, the local beats and the best DJ music make it an amazing spot for the couples and music lovers. While you taste the tempting food and the exotic wines, the cocktails and the authentic Africa snacks, the music will add a cosy touch to the evening. Now what makes it too famous for the travellers is that this is one of the oldest bars, founded somewhere around 1906.


Once you are done with an adventure tour at Soweto, it’s time to add some musical beat to your vacation. The Chaf-Pozi is the hub for the localities and visitors at Soweto where you can share a drink with the locals and match up with their beats. Standing just below the Orlando Towers, this is an ultimate gateway where you can try out the African drinks, beers and enjoy the live music.

Stanley Beer Yard

Stanley Beer Yard | johannesburg best bars

Serving the craft beers and the African Wines, the Stanley Beer Yard is one of the best bars in Johannesburg with the friendly atmosphere and relaxed vibes. Here the menu includes the most exotic drinks and the local cuisines and a variety of wines for the visitor. If you are planning to visit the bar on Thursdays and Fridays you can attend the music events and Saturdays host the live music offering a rhythmic evening for your South Africa packages.


Giles bar |  johannesburg best bars

In the Craighall Park, Giles is one of the best bars known in the Johannesburg city of Southern Africa. This is known to be the best place where you can enjoy the drinks post the city tour and spend the evening after a tiring day tour. If you are planning for a dinner date in Johannesburg, the Giles offers dining service with all variety of cocktails and exotic African drinks.

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