The 20 Most Beautiful Places in South Africa

Most Beautiful Places in South Africa : Well known as “Rainbow Nation”, South Africa is a famous destination that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. The country has over the years have modernized and grown making it one of the top tourist destination for every kind of traveler.  South Africa is known to be 25th largest country in the world and is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.  Boasting of fascinating cities, vibrant culture and abundance of wildlife, it is truly a paradise for those who are looking to spend their vacation with their loved ones. From plethora of activities to amazing attractions, South Africa packages have lot in store for avid travelers.

Most Beautiful Places in South Africa : Housing high mountains, rugged coastline, amazing culture and numerous wildlife reserves, South Africa is gem of a place that should be visited at least once in your lifetime. South Africa tour packages takes the travellers on a fun filled journey where you have the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of the region making your tour memorable and worthwhile. Being such a large country, travelers can spend their time admiring the scenic vistas, delicious cuisine and much more giving you lifetime of memories to cherish. The well known cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Suncity, Durban, Pretoria and much more constitute the tourism sector of the country garnering tourists from all across the globe.

Most Beautiful Places in South Africa : From the amazing coastline and colourful architecture to vibrant coral reefs and penguin filled beaches, the entire country deserves to be explored. Here are our top 20 beautiful places to visit in South Africa.

Most Beautiful Places in South Africa
  1. Table Mountain, Cape Town: One of the most iconic landmarks of South Africa, Table Mountain is situated in the heart of the Cape Town city. It is known to be the most photographed attraction in the entire country. This iconic site is famous for its enthralling cable car ride that takes you up to the top of the mountain offering spectacular view of the city. Garnering tourists from across the world, Table Mountain is the single most welcoming site that is sure to make your South Africa packages worthwhile.
  • Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga: Well known to be the largest game reserve, Kruger National Park is a famous destination where one can view abundance of wildlife. Home to the Big and other endangered species, Kruger National Park is an ideal destination to spend your South Africa safari packages. Travelers can indulge in enthralling game drive tours that will allow you to view the animals from a closer view. With rest camps, waterholes, picnic sites and much more, this national park is a haven for wildlife lovers.
  • Namaqualand, Northern Cape: Situated just 5 hours from the north of Cape Town, Namaqualand is well known for its flower route that has attracted tourists from all across the globe. The spring wild flowers are the major attractions that never cease to amaze the avid travelers. Walking along the beautiful wilderness of the semi desert region along with your better half can be an ideal choice for your South Africa honeymoon packages. This part of the country receives little rainfall but when it does in the month of May to July/August, the dry landscape becomes a carpet of wild flowers with lively band of vygies, goublomme, babiana, ixias, lachenalias and nemesias.
  • Boulder’s Beach, Cape Peninsula: The stunning Boulder’s Beach in Cape Town is one of the most visited places because of its African Penguins. It is the only place in the world where you can spot these cute creatures roaming around freely in their natural environment. Located in the Cape Peninsula, Boulder’s Beach falls under the Western Cape attracting tourists from all walks of life. You can spend time swimming in the beach or watch these penguins playing around in the beach.
Franschhoek Vineyards, Western Cape : Most Beautiful Places in South Africa
  • Franschhoek Vineyards, Western Cape: Known to be the Gourmet capital of South Africa, Franschhoek houses food and wine that is beyond compare. Franschhoek is an ideal destination if you are looking to taste the delicious wine that is prepared at the picturesque vineyards. The wine tasting tour in the valley is an ideal option to make your South Africa tour package worthwhile.
  • Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Mpumlanga: Without a doubt, Bourke’s Luck Potholes is a breathtaking icon that has garnered people from everywhere. Bourke’s Luck Potholes forms a sheer magnitude of various natural wonders such as Three Rondawels, God’s Window and Blyde River Canyon.  It is an excellent site to view the amazing structure and even a good place to capture great shots.
  • Amphitheatre Valley, Drakensberg: Exquisite in its aesthetics and breathtaking in its proportions, Amphitheatre Valley is a popular attraction in South Africa. The sheer size and undeniable beauty makes it an amazing site to relish in the beauty of nature. Home to Tugela Falls, Amphitheatre is a one stop destination where you can admire the beauty of the place.
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: Situated on the border of South Africa and Botswana, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a well known destination where one can spend their South Africa safari tour. It is a protected area where one can view wildlife species such as wildebeest, springbok, eland and red hartebeest.
  • Elands River Falls, Mpumalanga: South Africa tour would be incomplete without your tour to Elands River Falls in Mpumalanga. These river falls used to be known as Waterfall Boven and is a spectacular sight that owes to the awesome height and beauty of the falls. The wooden observation deck at the cliff allows the travelers to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the falls.
Bo-Kaap, Cape Town
  • Bo-Kaap, Cape Town: The most colourful city of South Africa, Bo-Kaap is a one stop destination for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives. There is so much to see, explore and taste in Bo-Kaap that you would want to stay more. The colourful houses are a mix of Cape Dutch and Gregorian architecture that has made it one of the popular destinations to visit on you South Africa honeymoon packages.
  • Otter Trail, Tsitsikamma National Park: If you are an adventure freak, Otter trail is just the right place where you can test your skills. The trail follows the spectacular coastline of the Garden Route and stretches from Storms River mouth in the Eastern Cape to Nature’s valley in Tsitsikamma National Park. It takes almost 5 days to complete the trail making your South Africa packages adventurous and worthwhile.
  • Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal: Sodwana Bay is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of the underwater ecosystem where you can view various coral reefs. The crystal clear blue waters and colourful reef environment makes it a one stop destination for scuba divers. It also offers excellent opportunity to the non divers to explore the beautiful coastline of KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape Peninsula: A long drive along with your better half can be an ideal option on your South Africa Honeymoon packages. Chapman’s Peak drive in Cape Peninsula is a well known route that offers some of the picturesque and panoramic views that is sure to make your tour memorable and exciting. The stunning vantage points and breathtaking landscape adds more charm to the tour.
  • Jacaranda trees in Pretoria: To view the most mesmerizing sight in South Africa, Pretoria is just the right place that offers stunning views of the Jacaranda trees. From the month of September to November, Pretoria lits up with these famous trees that lends an amazing view to the avid travelers.
  • Golden Gate Highlands National park, Free State: To unshackle yourself from the daily routine of life, visit to Golden Gate Highlands National Park can be an ideal choice to beat up the stress. The breathtaking scenery and abundance of wildlife are the special highlight of the park making it a one stop destination for wildlife and nature lovers.
  • Moses Mabhida stadium, Durban: One of the metropolitan cities of South Africa, Durban is a well known destination here one can spend their South Africa tour packages without any hassle. The Moses Mabhida Stadium si well known for its beautiful structure attracting tourists from all walks of life. It is a perfect venue for matches, concerts, performances and corporate events.
  • Soweto: South Africa has many ancient past and history that one should be aware of. Take a historical walk to the city of Soweto in Johannesburg that will give you knowledge about the place and its history. The amazing street art at different places is worth viewing as each of them tells different stories of the city.
  • Cape Vidal Beach, KwaZulu-Natal: Nestled within Isimangaliso Wetland Park, Cape Vidal Beach is a famous destination where one can observe the clear blue sky and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the region. For an adventure freak, this beach is a paradise filled with many adventure activities making your South Africa packages tour memorable and worthwhile.
Valley of Desolation, Eastern Cape
  • Valley of Desolation, Eastern Cape: Declared to be a national monument, Valley of Desolation is a sheer cliff that surrounds the town of Graaff-Reinet. One of the unusual features of this geographical phenomenon is the volcanic and erosive forces that have taken almost millions of years to form. It is no doubt worth the visit that offers some of the breathtaking views of the town.
  • Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape: Hole in the Wall is a unique structure that houses huge detached cliff with a huge opening caved through the centre by the waves. The hills around this fantastic structure are worth the visit as it allows the travelers to climb and boost their adrenaline rush. 

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