South Africa Travel – Why Indians should visit South Africa?

south africa tour package

1. Easy Visa – For South Africa Travel

easy visa for South Africa

South Africa Travel – Getting a tourist visa for Indians is an easy process with a little formality to fulfil. With all the necessary documents and attachments, one can even get a visa on a fresh passport. 

2. Affordable 

South Africa tour is much more economical as compared to other Asian, European and Australian destination. With the rate of 1 ZAR is to 5 INR, one can plan a budget trip to South Africa with all relevant necessities as food, accommodation and transportation.

3.Great Landscapes  

Great Landscapes  - south africa
Great Landscapes |

Basically, South Africa is a one shop stopover where you can find everything from beaches, mountains, wildlife and more. This is the reason it is immerging as a paradise for honeymooners.

4. Self-Drive South Africa

 Self Drive tour South Africa
Self-Drive South Africa

Driving in South Africa is convenient for Indians as the country follows a similar right-hand drive. No International license is required over Indian license to enjoy the self-drive. South Africa Route Self drive Tour is quite famous amongst Honeymooners.

5.  Indian Food in South Africa

best Indian Food in south africa
indian food in south africa |

Apart from the mouth-watering African cuisines, the cities of South Africa have some best eateries serving Indian food that is preferred by most of the Indian customers going overseas. You can easily find Indian Restaurants in all parts of South Africa.

6.   Great Infrastructure 

Great Infrastructure

Influenced by the British art and architecture, there are historical building and city infrastructure that is no less than any European destination. Indian won’t miss the charisma of architectural beauty in South Africa.

South Africa got independence in the year 1994 & being a British colony for so many years, the Infrastructure there is no less than any European Country.

7.   Wildlife Safari 

Wildlife Safari
wildlife safari |

South Africa Safari tour is quite popular that houses the Big five and other endangered species. Wildlife enthusiast and photographers love exploring South Africa for a thrilling Wildlife experience. 

8.    Shopper’s Paradise

 Shopper’s Paradise South Africa
Shopper’s Paradise South Africa

Indians love shopping and there is a reason why South Africa is called Shopper’s Paradise. There are luxury brands and some handicrafts or traditional accessories easily available in South Africa to take back home.

9.  Adventure Capital of the World

Adventure Capital of the World
Adventure Capital of the World South Africa

Adventure in South Africa has no match with thrill as world’s Highest Bungy spot, or daring encounter with a lion, Shark cage diving, Hot Air Ballooning over open savannah and lot more.

10.  Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Perfect Family Holiday Destination
Perfect Family Holiday South Africa

For a typical Indian Family vacation, South Africa is an ideal spot as compared to other holiday destinations. The country has something or the other for every visitor. People of all age group can find some ideal activities to enjoy. The Sun City resort is a hub for the family that has a water park, Artificial beach for kids and casino, theatre or shopping centres for adults.

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