The Best Northern South African Safari Parks, Besides Kruger

Also known as ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is a famous tourist destination that has attracted tourists from all across the globe. It is an incredible diverse country that boasts of abundant wildlife and various flora and fauna making it one of the best places on Earth to spot wildlife. The country houses many national parks and game reserves where you can spot variety of animals in their natural habitat. With rugged coastline, serene vista, thrilling safari tours, South Africa safari packages will prove to be an amazing tour for all kinds of travelers. If you are a wildlife or nature lover, South Africa is an ideal destination where you can spend your upcoming vacation. From exhilarating safari tours to spending some time with the endangered species, South Africa travel is sure to make your trip memorable and exciting.

During the course of time, South Africa has sustained its reputation of protecting native wildlife and ensures safety to all kind of species. With breathtaking landscape and vast ecosystem, the country is truly a paradise for honeymooners as well making their South Africa Honeymoon Packages worthwhile.  The famous parks like Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg National Park, Mapungubwe National Park, Marakele National Park and much more that allows the travelers to explore the hidden gems of South Africa. During your tour, you will come across various animals that will be in their natural habitat and is a delight to watch them. Tourists from all over the world flock to South Africa so that they can be close to nature. Kruger National Park being so famous has so many visitors over the years but apart from them there are other national parks that houses plethora of wildlife that should be visited once in your lifetime.

Mapungubwe National Park – South African Safari Parks

Mapungubwe National Park - South African Safari Parks

Situated against the northern border of South Africa, Mapungubwe National Park is an extensive savannah where you can find abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat. This national park is the land of sandstone formation, ancient floodpains, riverine forests, brooding baobabs and much more. You can spot animals like elephant, giraffe, buffalo, white rhino, gemsbok, antelope and other elusive mammals like hyenas, leopards and lions. This national park is a UNESCO world heritage site which has both cultural and environmental significance. The spectacular natural beauty of the park is what makes its unique and exciting making it a one stop destination for all enthusiast travelers.

Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg National Park - south african safari park

Situated in North West Province in South Africa, Pilanesberg National Park is one of the famous attractions in South Africa that should be visited while on your South Africa Safari packages. The park is adjacent to Suncity and was formed by volcanic eruptions 1300 millions of years ago. This national park showcases the natural beauty of the region attracting tourists from all across the globe. The park was opened in 1979 and is considered to be the largest game resettlement projects in South Africa. Home to the Big 5 animals of Africa, Pilanesberg national park offers a spectacular ecosystem with Kalahari Desert that meets the Bushveld. While on your safari tour you may see animals like the fleet footed Cheetah, giraffe, zebra, Hippo and Crocodile and other animals.

Marakele National Park -South African Safari Parks

Marakele National Park -South African Safari Parks

Nestled at the heart of the Waterberg Mountains, Marakele National Park is one of the scenic destinations where you can spot abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat. The grass clad hills, majestic mountain landscapes and deep valley characterizes this park and makes it one stop destination for your South Africa Travel. To catch sight of bigger animals such as giraffe and elephants, you are advised to take one of the guided walks in the park that will allow you to explore the region without any hassle. The park has a special appeal for bird watchers as it houses birds like red eyed bulbul, kingfishers, hawks and eagles. The main highlight of the park is the vulture viewpoint where you can spot Cape Vulture. With enough wildlife and breathtaking scenery, Marakele National Park can be an ideal choice for your upcoming vacation.  

To sum it all, there are numerous parks other than Kruger that can lend you ultimate safari experience of a lifetime. For marvelous landscape and wildlife, Marakele, Pilanesberg and Mapungubwe stands out among the rest where you can enjoy the fancy region of South Africa.

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