Top 10 National Parks in South Africa

South Africa is an incredibly diverse country with abundant wildlife, numerous flora, and fauna making it one of the finest places on Earth to spot Wildlife. For any nature or wildlife lover, South Africa has a lot in store for the visitors. In terms of breathtaking landscapes and vast ecosystem, South Africa is truly a paradise for all the travelers alike. Home to the Big 5 and plethora of both big and small creatures, tour to South Africa is definitely worth the visit.  Tourists from all walks of life flock to this country to get close with nature and explore South African National Parks that houses abundant wildlife.

All from the adrenaline adventure to safari and fascinating leisure time, South Africa tour packages has a lot in store for avid travelers. The country has 700 publicly owned reserves that include 19 national parks. Discover the exotic wildlife in some of the famous national parks of South Africa like Kruger National Park, Addo elephant national park, Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Table Mountain National Park to name a few. South Africa is hugely diverse and it is difficult to choose which ones to visit.

South Africa, also known as the Rainbow nation boasts of some of the best national parks that attract many tourists to get close with nature and wild animals. One of the best things about national parks in South Africa is that it offers easy encounters with the big 5 as well as other endangered species living in their natural habitat. Visitors have an excellent chance to a bather in the lush greenery, breathtaking landscape, hoping for a glimpse of the animals in their habitats. With so much incredible sights to see, here are some of the famous national parks that are sure to make your South Africa trip a memorable one.

Kruger National Park

Covering two million hectares of land and sharing Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa, Kruger National Park is the most famous of all national parks in South Africa. It is listed under UNESCO biosphere reserve and is one of the largest national parks in South Africa. This huge conservation area is home to a variety of animals and is one of the best places to visit in Africa to see large animals The park attracts international tourists throughout the year as it showcases a wide range of wildlife to the visitors. The best way to view these animals is via safari tour that takes you on a journey where you can get up close and personal with the species.

Addo Elephant National Park

Situated about an hour drive from Port Elizabeth, Addo Elephant Park is famous for abundant elephants and is also the perfect place to see the largest mammals on earth. The park is home to more than 500 African elephants making it one of the famous national parks in South Africa. Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest park in the whole of South Africa garnering tourists from across the globe. Apart from the big elephants, the park also boasts of other endangered species such as Zebra, antelope, lions, buffalo, and rhinos. South Africa wildlife tour would be incomplete without your visit to this park as there are ample options to choose from.

Karoo National Park

Situated close to Cape Town and Johannesburg, Karoo National Park is a sanctuary that boasts of gemsbok, springbok, buffalo, black rhinoceros and much more. The park is home to a variety of birds, mammals including black rhinos and buffalos. The park straddles on the mountain slopes and on the high peaks of Nuweveld Mountains making it one of the famous national parks in South Africa. Karoo national park is home to approximately 63 species of mammals and 22 bird species attracting tourist from all across the globe. Take a walk or guided South Africa safari tour that will allow you to get up close and personal with the big animals.

Table Mountain National Park

One of the famous parks in South Africa, Table mountain National Park covers a large section of the Western Cape from the Cape of Good Hope all the way to the Table Mountain. The park is one of the most iconic sights in South Africa attracting many tourists from all over the world.  For adventure seekers, the park is the best place to visit in South Africa allowing the hikers to take a walk through the lush green nature. This national park is a part of Boulders Beach where visitors have a good chance to spot the cuddly penguins. The park boasts huge range of flora, fauna and numerous species of animals.  

Mapungubwe National Park

Located in the Limpopo Province, this national park sprawls over 28,000 hectares and boasts of stunning historic site of Mapungubwe Hill. With forest, woodlands and sandstone outcrops, Mapungubwe National Park is one of the famous national parks in South Africa having tourists coming from all over the globe. This park is one of the eight UNESCO world heritage sites in South Africa having amazing wildlife sighting opportunities and various birdlife. The famous Mapungubwe Hill proffers stunning view of the national park giving you endless photography options.

Marakele National Park

Lying between two different ecosystems, Marakele National Park is situated between the hearts of the Waterberg Mountains. The park is home to an array of flora and fauna as well as animals and birds because of its wet surrounding regions. The stunning Waterberg Mountain adds more charm to the park and is a sight to behold. You can walk up to the mountain to get a panoramic view of the whole park with stunning backdrop. Visitors can spot large mammals such as elephants, lions and flock of vultures circling in the winds around the mountains.

Agulhas National Park

Situated at the Southernmost tip of Africa, Agulhas national Park is one of the famous national parks that have garnered tourists from all walks of life. The park might be the meeting place of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean but it mainly focuses to protect lowland and rare limestone fynbos.  The park boasts of a magnificent light house which is visited and climbed by everyone. Proclaimed only in the late 1990s, its wilderness and beauty is what really draws the visitors to this famous park of South Africa.

Garden Route National Park

The garden route national park in South Africa is different from any other national parks in South Africa. The park boasts of extensive coastlines, dense forests, scenic vistas, quaint town and wildlife viewing that gives an excellent opportunity to get close with nature and animals. Apart from the spectacular views, Garden Route National Park offers a number of thrilling activities that should not be missed when in South Africa. From self guided treks and hikes, whale watching tours to bungee jumping and rock climbing, the opportunities at Garden Route National Park seems endless.

West Coast National Park

Located just north of Cape Town, West Coast National Park is one of the famous national parks attracting many tourists from all walks of life. The park was established in 1985 and includes Langebaan Lagoon which is undoubtedly the jewel of this treasure trove. The lagoon is a perfect spot for adventure seekers. Here you can indulge in various activities like Kite surfing, fishing etc. The West Coast national park is extremely rich in varieties of bird life and wonderful species of marine life that attracts tourists from all walks of life.

Bontebok National park

This national park in South Africa is the smallest among all and has a rich bounty of sanctuaries including the coastal beauty of Tsitsikamma National Park. The park is traditional home to the Bontebok which is a famous animal in South Africa. There are other antelopes that are found in this park such as grey rhebok, Cape grysbok, steenbok and grey duiker.  An abundant variety of bird species such as Stanley’s bustard, Sunbird, fish eagle, and guinea fowl saw here. To get close with the animals, you can indulge in game viewing from your own vehicle. You can also choose a short nature trail that will allow you to understand the lush greenery of the surrounding.

Planning to go on a wildlife tour? Look nowhere else, but South Africa that offers numerous options, all from national parks to private game reserves that is sure to make your South Africa holiday tour a memory to cherish. 

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